Yes, but what do you actually DO?

People regularly ask me "So, what EXACTLY do you do?" "What is a Transportation Broker?" Usually, I give a well-rehearsed generic answer, and the conversation moves forward. 

While the common term is "transportation broker" or "logistics broker," I think that a better term is "consultant." In my role, I work with my clients to advise and direct them on the best ways to position their products or services. In most cases, that product is 40,000lbs of XYZ that needs to be picked up at A and delivered to B. Oh, and it needed to be there yesterday. Perfect. Sign me up. I love a problem. Really. Give me problem, or something to chase down, and I'll fix it or I'll find it. Sometimes that mean researching and advising on pricing or recommendations on scheduling. It varies and changes day by day, and task by task. 

While most of my logistics clients are Fortune500 companies, their problems and issues aren't isolated to just the "big guys." All businesses, no matter the size or the age, face unique and interesting challenges. Southern Gentry was created to help with those challenges. To work with clients from a variety of industries and backgrounds to assist in making life a little easier. Whether you're a long standing member of the C-Suite set, or a new entrepreneur just starting out, we are here to help you. 

At 27, I have owned and managed multiple businesses, from a transportation brokerage, to an art gallery, and a retail store. In that time, I have learned that no matter what the business, there will be a time when you just can't do it all. When you don't know how to do something yourself, or maybe you do not have the time to take on even one more task. I've been there personally and it's extremely frustrating. But I learned a valuable lesson: I love the big picture, but I live for the details. 

And I want to know your details. I want to hear your problems and your concerns, then help you find solutions. Southern Gentry's mission is to help businesses, professionals and other busy individuals lighten their workload. Whether you need help with administrative support, meeting and event planning, or social media marketing; Southern Gentry is standing by to help.

Don't get bogged down and burned out worrying about the small things. Leave the details to us. 

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- Mikel Harris